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Since 2001, Sunshine Children’s Center has been organizing summer camps for at-risk children.

During this time, more than 1,400 children between 6 and 18 years old have received emotional, psychological, and physical support.

The aim of the camp is to organize recreation for children from families in crisis, foster families, orphanages, and others categories of at-risk children from the Brovary district.

Our summer camp uses Pedagogy of Adventure, which helps children to overcome previous negative, traumatic experiences through new, positive experiences. Pedagogy of Adventure empowers camp participants with a feeling of dignity, develops self-sufficiency, teaches teamwork, and helps children analyze and predict the results of their actions.

At summer camp, the children have opportunities to form athletic, work, and life skills, and to develop their artistic, acting, and dancing talents.

Due to the annual participation of volunteers from Switzerland, Germany, and Poland, the children become acquainted with other cultures and languages. They also get to know their own culture more profoundly through patriotism lessons held in the camp.

In terms of Pedagogy of Adventure, the following activities are held at camp: rafting, tent building, fire making, hiking, fishing, swimming, and trail navigation.

Camp is being held with the support of the Brovary district’s governmental administration.

More information and photos from our camps you can find on our official Facebook page