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Work Therapy is a rehabilitation program that includes the development of various skills such as gardening, sewing, cooking, candle-making, jewelry-making for girls, working with metal and wood. "Work Therapy" teaches the child to reach goals and enjoy physical labor. Traditionally, physical labor is perceived by the child as something difficult and unpleasant.

Our primary goal is to show the child that work is not only good for physical and mental development, but is also exciting.

Since developing such skills can be exhausting, children attend “Work Therapy” only a few hours a day, and have weekends off. "Work Therapy" is always held under the guidance and supervision of teachers.

The teacher always aims to cultivate a sense of satisfaction from physical labor, thus offering the children a new model of behavior. Much attention is paid to accuracy, punctuality, and cleanliness. Participation in discussions is evaluated both by children and teachers.