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How did it all begin?

In March 2002, not far from Kiev, in Trebuhiv village, Marek and Natali Wnuk opened a non-governmental social rehabilitation children’s center called "Sunshine Children’s Center." They served at-risk children, including orphans and street children.

Marek specialized in Trauma Pedagogy in Germany, and studied in Switzerland and Poland. Natalia studied social therapy education in Switzerland. This education gave them both the ability to use international experience in the Center in their work with children who had overcome violence.

But it really began in 2000, when Marek and his wife moved to Kiev, where they saw many children abandoned by family and government. What they had seen deeply impacted them, and they decided to help these children.

With some friends from Switzerland, they created the organization “Verein Kiev Kids,” which was officially supported in Kiev. Marek and Natali began helping homeless street children, in the heating pipelines and parks where they were making their shelters.

Such activity did not solve the complex problems of these children. They had experienced trauma, faced violence, and had been left without support by adults they should have been able to trust. That is why Marek and Natali decided to create a center for children in Trebuhiv village, with the purpose of making a more systematic and productive impact based on professional principles and love for the children.



The mission of Sunshine Children’s Center is to bring effective help to children in need, so that they can achieve a happy and meaningful life.


Our approaches

In our work, we rely on the best practices in therapy, psychology, and social work.

We supply our children with all necessary conditions for effective assistance to a child who has experienced psychological trauma.

We use a unique method of social and psychological rehabilitation with children who have experienced trauma — Pedagogics of Adventure.

We use our positive experience in working with children to help other professionals interested in improving their work.


Our values and culture

The dignity of every child is of most value to us. Our children take this sense of dignity into the future when they leave our Center.

Our culture is based around professionalism and self-development of each professional which results in respect toward others, and longstanding cooperation to produce the maximum service for each child.