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In order for our Center to function and develop, and for our students to get a decent education, necessary development, and recreation, we need the following:


Children’s needs:

  • Food
  • Hygiene products
  • Seasonal clothes, underwear, shoes
  • School equipment, office supplies
  • Holiday activities, group trips to theaters, museums, etc.
  • Organized individual leisure time
  • Visits to hobby groups, teams, special activities


The Center’s needs:

  • Funding for staff salaries
  • Financing of rehabilitation programs for children, schools, and workshops
  • Financing of public and transport services
  • Repairs
  • Bringing in specialists to work with the children


Support our Center’s projects:

(Winter and summer camps, and other projects within the Pedagogy of Adventure program, Follow-up program, and Work Therapy program)

  • Voluntary participation in events
  • Transportation services
  • Help in providing events with the necessary equipment
  • Financial aid


Ways to help:


PrivatBank card number:

5169 3305 1012 2515


Requisites of PrivatBank

Recipient: JSG Commercial Bank PrivatBank

Codes of Bank recipient

MFO (sort code): 321842

Recipient code OKPO: 26475427

Account of recipient: 26000053119245

Children’s Center “Sunshine"


Bank details for financial assistance Ukraine (UAH only):

The receiver: МБФ «ДСРЦ "Сонячне світло"»

МФО: 321842

ОКПО: 26475427

IBAN UA743218420000026000053119245

Bank Name: ПАО КБ ПриватБанк

Purpose: Donation


Pay-pal  PC 30-176967-4 IBAN: CH3209000000301769674/


Ukraine, Trebuchiv, prov. Gorkogo, 1A

Code: 07454

tel.: +38 067 232 66 63 

Details of payment: non-repayable charitable assistance

Do not be indifferent—join us!

For further information write us at or call us at  +38 063 635 82 95


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