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Every year, children in complicated life circumstances visit the summer camp organized by the Center. Each year, our tutors and volunteers have seen children who were undernourished, that had no clothes to change into, and that lacked personal hygiene skills. Camp was very useful for them, but couldn’t solve the problems within their families. To address this, the Center founded the “Follow-Up” program, and began to work with families from Brovary. Since that time, families in need have received support from the Center.

The Follow-Up program raises the quality of life for families with children that need help and support to achieve the highest aim—education of a child in his or her biological family.


Forms of targeted assistance:

- Provision of necessary food and household cleaning products

- Assistance in obtaining health care services and purchasing of necessary medications

- Provision of necessary clothes and footwear

- Assistance in buying of construction materials and repairs

- Assistance in the provision of legal advices

- Assistance in document processing

- Psychological consultation

You can help us to purchase furniture for families by the link