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Pedagogy of Adventure is a unique method of working with children and teenagers which helps develop personality, improve self-esteem, and manage personal life. The children learn to follow rules, to make necessary compromises, and to understand the consequences of their decisions through adventurous experiences.


Pedagogy of Adventure develops confidence in children, encourages them as members of a group, and promotes cooperation and loyalty within a team. In addition, children learn to appreciate nature.


Pedagogy of Adventure offers the opportunity to learn directly through the intellect, emotions, and actions.


The key concept of this method is adventure experience. These experiences are positive and extraordinary events in one’s life, which is very different from his or her everyday life, and permanently stored as memory. Pedagogy of Adventure allows the child to experience many positive events, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Physical, psychological, and social challenges that surface during Pedagogy of Adventure help the children to feel successful in solving life questions.


Every year, we provide at least five Pedagogy of Adventure projects:

  • Paragliding school
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Rafting
  • Winter Camp (snowboarding, skiing)
  • Summer Camp


We also provide smaller-scale adventures such as one-day camping, canoeing, and cycling.