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The “Sunshine Children’s Center” International Charity Fund is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization founded in November 2003 to help children in crisis.


Our Purpose

  • Providing a full-functioning social rehabilitation center, “Sunshine Children’s Center”
  • Providing comprehensive assistance and support to families in complicated life circumstances
  • Distribution and promotion of the modern educational and psychotherapeutic techniques necessary in work with at-risk children
  • Organization of summer and winter camps for at-risk children
  • Organization of continuous and effective cooperation with governmental and non-governmental charitable organizations in humanitarian, legal, and other activities aimed at improving societal conditions for children



Complicated Life Circumstances – circumstances that objectively violate normal life-sustaining activity, consequences which persons cannot overcome by themselves (disability, partial loss of motor activity due to old age or health, loneliness, orphanhood, homelessness, absence of housing or employment, violence, negligence and negative relationships in families, low income, psychological or mental disorder, natural disaster, catastrophe, etc.)


(According to Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine "On Social Services")


“At-Risk” Children – children who are socially unprotected and cannot independently overcome the difficulties in their lives. This group includes the following categories of children: orphans, children from dysfunctional and asocial families, children with reduced physical or mental development, children that have undergone violence, children from families in need of socio-economic and socio-psychological care and support, children left without parental care, children with manifestations of social, psychological, and educational maladjustment.

The staff of fund

Marek Wnuk

President and a founder of Sunshine Children’s Center, International Charity Fund.

Uliana Dolyniak

Trainer, therapist, crisis interventionist, specialist of working with families and residential f