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"Sunshine Children’s Center" is a social rehabilitation center providing direct assistance to children and families in difficult life circumstances.

Sunshine Children’s Center has been providing for 14 years of direct help to at-risk children: orphans, children deprived of parental care, children from families in crisis and children who are victims of neglect, abuse and different forms of domestic violence.

Children who live in our Center need a professional assistant because of traumatic events they have experienced and consequences, which they cannot overcome by themselves. That is why we provide the socio-psychological rehabilitation in Sunshine Center for children’s emotional, psychological and physical recovery. In working with the children, all specialists of the Center use the effective and modern methods in the sphere of Social work, Pedagogy and Psychology.

The Center aims to accommodate up to 15 children and includes a therapy department and self-sufficiency skills development.

The Center also includes a school offering intensive education. Classes at the school not only focus on necessary knowledge building, but also on new approaches for child training and preparation for future professions.

The work of the Center is based on Christian values, and modern scientific achievements in the fields of trauma pedagogy, psychology, and general social therapy.


About Our Purpose:

  • Social-psychological rehabilitation of children who have faced traumatic events
  • Placement of children into foster care
  • Search for, preparation of, and support of foster parents
  • Professional and profound education to improve skills of those that work with children in at-risk groups—heads of organizations, psychologists, caregivers, and tutors
  • Help and support for families in complicated life circumstances
  • Organization of summer and winter camps for at-risk children
  • Integration of our at-risk children into rural community


Our Guidelines:

  • We understand the behavior of a child who has experienced trauma
  • We build a “safe place” for children by creating a social environment that protects them from new traumatization, and creates conditions aimed at overcoming traumas in daily-life
  • We build healthy relationships with children based on acceptance and confidence
  • We use a system of “main caregivers” that take responsibility for 1-2 children
  • We develop social independence in our children
  • We involve parents and relatives in the educational process

Pupils of the Center

The staff of the Children's Center

Nadiya Chernuha

Sunshine Children’s Center director.

Alexander Gordienko

Instructor of Pedagogy of Adventures projects, caregiver.

Marina Akimenko

Cook. Sunshine Children’s Center employee since 2007.

Alla Zacharova

Сaregiver. Sunshine  Children’s Center employee since 2013.

Natalia Belopolova

Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature.